Phantom EP

by Walmaster

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released March 11, 2019

Words, music, synthesizers, vocals - Walmaster
Drum programming - Kit (Rob Sloan) and Walmaster
Produced by Walmaster
Cover Art - Jorge Gonzalez -


all rights reserved



Walmaster Orlando, Florida

Photo - Vikka Leoni -

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Track Name: Focus
Focusing to see the images clearly
Capturing entangled memories of the one he fears
Coming to visit when the day surrenders to the spirits
He can’t remember the face

Feel the blood rush
Deep cold touch

Losing light just makes this harder to deny
If you can hear me
Can you whisper in my ear and tell me
He can’t say if what he felt was real
Track Name: Eyes
I look up to the sky
I see a beautiful day
A shadow crawling below
The sun will burn it away

It fills me up to my teeth
It’s falling out of my mouth
I feel the weight of their eyes
It always finds a way out

I thought I knew what I got myself into
They don’t see the same things I do
I heard a voice of a person far away
I can’t understand what they say

The fingers push through my spine
I feel the weight on my chest
I see the light in your eyes
I need to lie down and rest
Track Name: Light
He doesn’t recognize the words inside his head
The dull and vacant eyes or the body in his bed
Blue moonlight passes through a window to the floor
Impressions visible from what was there before

He can still hear the sound
Footprints on the dusty ground

I want to feel calm and light
I want to sleep through the night
I want to know I still have time
Can I?

Hear the cries in the night
Giving in one last time

I want to know it’s worth the fight
Track Name: Skin
Press into the wind
Unprotected skin
A frozen moment in the night

Daylight quickly fades
The road we’re on degrades
It’s been neglected for too long
Searching through your mind
For something you won’t find
But would you notice when it’s gone

Don’t take this from me
I forgot the meaning
Don’t take this from me
You fell right through me

Purple turns to grey
Fingers in the clay
To make a beautiful new form
Track Name: Breathe Deep
Close your eyes
What came before this?
No recollection
Angry voices, bad intentions

Grab your heart
Keep it near you, keep it silent
Fall apart
They’re gonna find out
They will be smiling

It’s right beside me
I’m looking at his face but it’s hard to see
The light behind it
Shining with a burning intensity

Breath deep
Fingers creep
White eyes
Can’t sleep

Silent Night
Track Name: Dark Red Sun
Burning inside, barely alive, he never had a chance
Unholy rage, uncanny face, he stares into his hands

Lay down, stay down

Underneath the dark red sun
Strange and dreadful things were done
Though he has a fire inside
Evil creatures never die

Lay down to rest, it’s for the best
Look to the sky for a sign

Ash in the air, growing despair, he died a thousand times

Burn the bodily remains
Spread the ashes on your face
Fill the wounds before they heal
Keep your heart and mind concealed

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